"Nightside" is an after-hours New York noir look at the 'safest big city in America' from the hours of midnight to 8am on the true-crime tabloid beat.

Told through the eyes of three veteran New York newspaper photographers (the last of a dying breed in a once stalwart industry) these modern day Weegees cruise the 5 boroughs to the din of New York's police and fire scanners to document the tragic loses, human suffering, senseless violence, and sometimes heroic saves on the streets of the city that never sleeps.

For them, the action is the chase - and they'll chase 'until there's no one left to chase for.'

Life goes on for 24-hours a day - they're on the nightside.


Created, Produced and Directed by Joe Marino

Produced, with Cinematography by Robert Stolarik

email: nightsidenyc@gmail.com