photo by John Taggart

photo by John Taggart

Joe Marino is a New York City newspaper reporter, photographer, and producer - born, raised and based in Brooklyn, New York.

Despite pining to study acting and theater, Joe eventually graduated with a Bachelor or Arts in politics from New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences - with a concentration in American Constitutional Development.

In 2007 he elbowed his way into New York’s tabloid scene as a photographer, hustling the breaking news and crime beat at the New York Daily News.

His work has been recognized by the New York Press Club and the New York Press Photographers Association for outstanding breaking news photography; in addition to being republished in the New York Times, Newsweek, People Magazine, and featured in the the HBO documentary - 'The Newburgh Sting.’

Joe tried to leave the news business altogether back in 2015 to open up (of all things) a sandwich shop. 

Suffice it to say only a few months later Joe found himself right back in the tabloid news game - only this time he ditched the lens for a pen.

Today, Joe covers all things true-crime, breaking news and metro for his once crosstown rival, The New York Post.

Late last year, while making his rounds cruising to the police and fire radios, he decided to have a camera ride shotgun to produce and direct his first short, Nightside: an after-hours look at New York City on the true- crime tabloid beat.


"... the perfect daily newspaper photographer."

- Jimmy Breslin 11/27/11

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